• Forget those dull official audio guides. Instead of passing so
    much by with questions unanswered, take the time to
    understand the entire palace and grounds.

  • The story of Versailles provides background and context for so
    much else one sees in Paris and in France.

  • Leave the tourists behind and become an explorer as you
    travel through the history, the mythology, the legend.
Versailles - Complete Audioguide
The Bounceberry Guide

We've created a rich, complete audio guide to the
Chateau for your enjoyement, covering the story from
the Sun King to Marie Antoinette.

This is the only guide explaining the gardens,
including the myths and relevance of the fountains
and statues, to take you back into the world of the
ancien regime.

It's the only guide for anyone really wanting to explore
Versailles, as a monument itself an as a gateway to
French history and beyond.
The Man in
the Iron Mask
Louis XIV
The Sun King
Apollo, the
Sun God
Louis XVI
The Hamlet
Latona Basin
Visit the State Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, The Trianons, the Hamlet . . .  
and fountains, statues and groves throughout the gardens.

Our guide covers the kings - including the Sun King and poor Louis XVI - the
Queens - including, of course, Marie-Antoinette - the scandals - from the
Affair of the Poisons to the Diamond Necklace Affair, not to mention The
Man in the Iron Mask.

It's the cure to museum burn-out, with a very
                 fresh perspective on a historical monument.